Books Alive! For Kids®

Books Alive! For Kids®, a four-time EMMY nominated national award winning performing arts literacy program, targets students pre-school through third grade with an emphasis in urban inner city and rural schools. Books Alive! For Kids® is designed to enhance creative thinking, writing, reading, art and music education in three highly interactive sessions. The programs goals are to reduce childhood illiteracy; encourage and prepare students to compete and succeed in global community through reading and make the experience of reading stimulate a love for learning with all our senses. The success of the program has been proven through increased reading scores and comprehension.

Our integrated arts program provides teachers, parents, group leaders, and students with all the tools they need to present the material in a multi-sensory way. Not only does Books Alive! For Kids® promote literacy and a love of learning, it helps participants meet academic requirements.

How It Works:

Session 1: See It!
Read the book…
and use the Book Box contents to engage students
with questions, vocabulary strips and extended
activities. Teachers know they’re developing literacy
skills to help attain content standard and benchmarks;
kids know they’re having fun!

Session 2: Touch It!
Make the Craft…
and become an artist! Teachers love how multi-sensory
learning unleashes creativity, and kids love the hands-on
involvement so much they don’t realize they’re learning skills
that teach them to be tomorrow’s innovators.

Session 3: Hear It!
Watch the Emmy-nominated Performance…
and see how quickly students learn the values presented
in each Books Alive! For Kids® book title with high-quality
video productions that apply lessons learned from our
carefully-selected books.

Take It Further!
Visit Books Alive! For Kids Online Resource Center…
for supplemental materials designed to allow classroom exploration of related
topics for a variety of grade levels, interests and abilities.

“As a result of working with Books Alive! For Kids®, we have seen an increase in reading scores over the past five years at all grade levels. Over the past three years, over 70% of our third graders passed the Ohio Achievement Test in Reading while overall reading scores have reached an average of 50% or higher in grades 4-6.” Thomas Boggs, Principal, Bond Hill Academy

“I like the way all the books already have the vocabulary cards done and ready to use for pre-reading and for post reading activities. After following the suggested activities for Giraffes Can’t Dance, I used the vocabulary cards in my writing learning station. Students were given choices: ‘write a story about a time you were not good at doing something or write your own story about an animal that couldn’t ______.’ Students used the vocabulary words to write their own stories!” Geraldine Johnson Elementary, Bridgeport, CT

Experience our additional BA!FK® products:

Books Alive! For Kids® Parent Power Program engages, educates, and empowers parents and students with the love of reading through our specially designed Snack-Pack for use at-home or after-school. Includes book, craft, instructions, and interactive Parent Power Points.

Books Alive! For Kids® Birthday in a Box makes your next party pop! Make the next birthday a literary memory with invitations, crafts, music, menus, and thank-you notes. Your guests will go home delighted!

Books Alive! For Kids® Holiday in a Box celebrates seasons around the world through winter-themed Book Boxes, guaranteed to warm all hearts.

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