June 8, 2016

Books Alive! For Kids, in a nutshell

Books Alive! For Kids (BA!FK) is a four time EMMY-nominated, national award winning arts-literacy program, designed by Learning Through Art, Inc. and implemented in classrooms across the country. We deliver each classroom a Books Alive! For Kids book box; enclosed is one book, a study guide written by our Education Coordinator that is aligned to the Common Core, a set of classroom vocabulary words from the book to keep at English stations, and craft materials for the classroom so that students can make a craft based on the book. At the end of the 6-week curriculum outlined in the Teacher Study Guide, we bring to the school/center/organization a live performance that we custom-developed through our partnership with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. 13086986_998193886916463_142255102089677096_o

This program was developed as a way to get students excited about reading by making books literally “come to life” in front of their eyes in the form of art or theater. We know that reading is not always easy or fun at first for young readers, but our goal is to change their perception. We do this by choosing exciting books with stimulating illustrations and stories, creating crafts that will appeal to those hands-on, or kinetic learners, and developing the live performance, which will grab the attention of those visual learners!

BA!FK has been a part of Learning Through Art programming since the beginning of the non-profit over 20 years ago. Since then, it has evolved into three different branches: 1- Book Box, designed for teachers to use in their classrooms. 2- Back Pack, designed for tutors or parents to use one-on-one with a student. 3- Family Literacy Nights, an experience created for families to work together and create memories based on literacy, art, and theater.

Bond Hill Academy has been the school that has participated in BA!FK since the beginning, and are continuing into their 25th school year with us in 2016-2017. Here are a few responses from the teachers from surveys sent at the completion of each session:

What were the successes and challenges of the art project? “Successes were that each child was able to build their own house and they were all unique and we were able to build upon this and discuss and analyze that every person is unique and that is what makes each person valuable. ” Marcia Weaver, Third Grade Teacher, in response to a survey about the book, The Big Orange Splot.
How did the use of Books Alive! For Kids enhance your students’ overall understanding of the content of the book versus reading the book alone? “It helps students with vocabulary, comprehension as well as building background knowledge.  ” Melonie Eads, Kindergarten Teacher
“The Books Alive! For Kids really does make BOOKS COME ALIVE!!!!!!!! ” Lateefah Kituku, First Grade Teacher


Thank you for stopping by the Learning Through Art Blog, I hope you learned something today about Books Alive! For Kids in the classroom. Keep a look out for detailed descriptions of our other BA!FK branches in the near future. Also, don’t just learn- EXPERIENCE!


Nina Parr

Program Manager, LTA Inc.



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Books Alive! For Kids® Family Literacy Nights

This week Nina Parr, our incredibly creative and fearless Program Manager, will write about our Books Alive! For Kids Family Literacy Nights and the vast importance for our children to “stay up to speed and read’ over the summer break.  We offer a 25% discount for our national award winning, twice EMMY nominated performing arts literacy program, Books Alive! For Kids Back Pack found in our e-commerce store,

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